Medium Truck

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Perfect for intermediate-level advertising budgets, our medium-size trucks are the best of all worlds: they’re more likely to travel both on highways and city streets, more likely to be available as a “super-full” placement, and still give you the width and height options to draw the attention of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians alike. Medium-sized trucks also provide your ad increased visibility, while discounting production costs due to the small square footage necessary for printing.


Ad Type Price per month, including installation (3 month minimum)*
Rear Door $1,100
Single Side/Split Panel $2,500
Full (sides and rear) $3,200
Super Full (sides, rear, and cab) $4,500 (not including installation; call for details and availability)


* Prices include installation are per month for a minimum 3-month campaign. Please call or email for term and production pricing for shorter campaigns.