Small Panel Trailer

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Sometimes, you don’t need to “super-size” to get your message across. That’s why we have our small-size trucks to accommodate campaigns which have a particular interest in having a heavy street presence. Our small-size trucks are the most likely to spend the majority of their time on city streets where you get high pedestrian as well as drive-by visibility. Our small size trucks are also the most economical, drastically reducing production as well as advertising costs. Alternatively, if your campaign needs high visibility on both highways and city streets, our small-size trucks make the perfect companion to a blended large/medium/small truck campaign. When you go beyond the billboard, your imagination is the only limit.


Ad Type Price per month, including installation (3 month minimum)*
Rear Door $1,100
Single Side/Split Panel $1,700
Full (sides and rear) $2,300
Super Full (sides, rear, and cab) $3,300 (not including installation; call for details and availability)


* Prices include installation are per month for a minimum 3-month campaign. Please call or email for term and production pricing for shorter campaigns.