Travertise does what you NEED: decreases outdoor ad costs while increasing impression count, all while doing so in a new, striking medium, thereby increasing brand awareness while keeping your hard earned (and newly increased) profits where they belong: in your bank. You deserve the best in your outdoor campaign, so you have to come to the best. It’s not just “Why Travertise?”, it’s “Why aren’t we already Travertising?” If you have to ask, you’re already losing out.  Learn more

The Jury is In: Truck-side Advertising WORKS.

  • 96% of people say they notice truck-side ads
  • 98% of people say fleet graphics created a positive image for the brand
  • 96% of people say fleet graphics had more impact than billboards
  • 75% of people say they developed an impression about a company and its products based on a truck-side ad
  • 29% of people say they would base a buying decision from seeing a truck-side ad*

So Why Aren’t You Already With Travertise?

When Travertise offers your business the following vital solutions to your outdoor needs, there’s really no good answer:

  • Pay 50% – 75% LESS THAN traditional billboards while generating MORE impressions
  • Bridge huge gaps in your customer exposure caused by moratoria, topography, and limited supply
  • Increase your brand awareness in a fresh, exciting new medium
  • Overcome limitations on your ad effectiveness such as “ad blindness” and limited visibility
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We offer 3 types of coverage routes for your convenience and campaign planning.  Whether your message needs to reach audiences on a Local level, within a state or Regional area or create National coverage, we have routes to fit your media plan and campaign needs.

Wonder where you ad has been?  We have that covered!  Each of our units comes with a GPS system installed, allowing you to see where your ad has been, ensuring you get the coverage you need!

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Travertise truck ads are cost effective, efficient and get your product in front of a larger audience than that reached by stationary billboards at a fraction of the cost. Small trucks, big trucks, full or partial wraps? Long term, short term, or something in between? You guessed it: we got it. Click here to check out pricing terms to see how we can expand your advertising campaign on your budget.

Terms of Being a Travertise Advertiser

Being a Travertise advertiser is easy, hassle-free and, most importantly, healthy for your bottom line. Find out all the reasons you’ll wish you were already working with Travertise here.

Need More Information?

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* Sources:
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