Q: Who are your truck owner affiliates?

We wouldn’t put your ads on just any truck! All Travertise truck owner affiliates are insured, experienced, and qualified to do business in their states of operation. Our ad-carrying trucks are in good, working order with drivers who are expected to abide by the rules of the road and a professional code of conduct.

Q: Can I get an exclusive agreement?

Limited regional category exclusive advertising can be arranged under certain circumstances for an additional fee on your campaign.

Exclusive category campaigns CANNOT be offered if there is an existing / renewing campaign type in circulation in a particular region (other non-competing regions may be offered).

Q: How do you guarantee maintenance of my ads?

The maintenance of your advertisement is included in your monthly rental fee.  We repair / replace (if necessary) ads that are damaged by accidents or human harm.  Ads are inspected regularly by their truck drivers and at least once a month by a Travertise agent.

With Travertise, you can trust that your ad is in good hands!

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your campaign on minimum 1 billing cycle’s notice (usually 1 calendar month). Cancellation will take effect upon the end of the subsequent billing cycle after the billing cycle in which you cancel your campaign.  You will still be responsible for any production, installation, and removal costs, as well as advertising costs that may be owed for the period between the beginning of a billing cycle and the effective date of the cancellation of your campaign. Any advertising fees remaining owing for such periods will be credited from your initial deposit until such deposit is depleted.

Should the advertiser desire a faster-than-standard removal of advertisements, a rush fee may apply.

Q: What do you need from me to get started?

Getting started:

To get your ad up and running we need the following prior to the campaign start date:

15 business days prior:  Initial campaign payment including production, installation & removal costs + first & last month’s campaign rental.  This amount is non-refundable subject to the Travertise terms of service.

10 business days prior:  Final, approved creative assets that are in compliance with our creative guidelines (click here to download the pdf).

Rush orders can be accommodated in certain circumstances, subject to Travertise written authorization, for an additional fee.  Please contact your Travertise representative for more information.

During an active campaign:

Travertise must receive your payment for the subsequent month’s campaign cycle prior to the end of the current month’s campaign cycle.

Standard payment terms are due at least 15 business days prior to the end of the current billing cycle.  Payment received less than 15 business days, but more than 5 business days prior to the end of the current cycle will incur a late payment fee of 0.5% of the balance due.

If payment is not made prior to 5 business days before the end of the current cycle, the campaign will be deemed cancelled and enter its final month cycle run at the end of the current cycle.  At this point vehicles will be scheduled for content removal after completion of the final month.  A campaign may be reinstated during this period, but prior to removal of ad units, for a fee in addition to the late fee.

Once removal has started, the campaign must be re-booked including all production, installation and removal costs for new / replacement ad units will be borne by the advertiser.

Ending a campaign:

Campaigns can be ended by:

  1. Completing their scheduled run
  2. Early termination (see our cancellation policy)
  3. Non-payment

In most scenarios you do not need to do or pay anything.  Exceptions to this are as follows:

  1. Cancellation or non-payment on discounted campaigns – you will be require to repay the discounted amount for the campaign cycles incurred.
  2. Rush removal requests – you will be required to pay an additional rush removal fee calculated on a per truck basis.

Difference between cancellation and non-payment termination:

Cancellation occurs when you give us notice, in a timely manner (see cancellation policy), of your intent to not continue a campaign.  An occasional campaign cancellation will not affect the status of your account.

Non-payment occurs when you do not pay per the terms of your Travertising agreement.  This will result in a review of your account and may place your account on suspension for a time to be determined by Travertise before your next campaign can be run.

Q: How long does it take a campaign to get started?

Rush orders can be accommodated in certain circumstances, subject to Travertise written authorization, for an additional fee.  Please contact your Travertise representative for more information.

See section below for further details, but we suggest you begin your campaign’s creative process at least 60-90 days prior to the time you desire your campaign to be on the road.

Larger campaigns (20 trucks or more) may have staggered start times depending on availability, inventory, and installation time.

In order to accurately calculate your start time, Travertise needs your truck insertion order 45 calendar days prior to the campaign start date.

Q: What are my options for routes, truck sizes, ad sizes, and campaign lengths?

Routes: Though Travertise trucks do not necessarily drive on the exact same routes daily (because they are delivery trucks and sometimes alternate routes are used) the same general areas with comparable impression counts are driven.

Currently, we offer the following areas for placement of Travertise ads: Click here for Routes.

Truck Sizes:  Click here for  Truck Samples.

Ad Sizes:  Click here for  Campaign Samples.

Campaign Lengths: Minimum campaign lengths are one month, but discounts are offered for campaigns of three months or more depending on the overall length of a campaign. However, cancellations which occur prior to the full campaign length upon which the discount is based will be charged at the full rate.

Q: What am I getting in terms of impressions and CPM cost?

Truck advertising not only catches more eyeballs, but it offers significantly higher retention at a small fraction of the cost of comparable media.

Truck advertising costs less than:

  • 50% of traditional billboard advertising;
  • 20% of the cost of web advertising;
  • 13% of the cost of radio advertising;
  • 10% of the cost of television advertising.

This means your $1 spent on Travertising buys you:

  • 2x the impressions than your billboard dollar;
  • 5x the impressions of your web ad;
  • 8x the impressions of your radio ad; and
  • 10x the impressions of your TV ad.

This is not to mention the vast improvement on effectivity and retention. According to The American Trucking Association’s study “The Visual Impact of Trucks in Traffic” showed:

  • 96% of people noticed truck side ads;
  • 98% said fleet graphics created a positive image for the company being advertised;
  • 96% said fleet graphics had more impact than billboards;
  • 75% of people developed an impression about an advertised company and its products; and
  • 29% would base a buying decision on the impression
Using rigorous data culled from driving, viewing distance and angle, traffic, and other statistics, our calculations, which are hyper-conservative and don’t even take into account the impressions you’re NOT being charged for (such as those from weekend and over-6-hour daytime driving), Travertise can still offer CPMs for fully-wrapped trucks around 1.13, an unbeatable sales point.


Click here to contact us today and start making your advertising dollar work for you.

Q: What am I allowed to put in an ad?

The sky is the limit… within limits. We want you to feel free to express yourself, but let’s not break any laws. Specifically, Travertise will not produce, install, or exhibit any advertisements which are violative of local, state, or federal content regulations, which infringe on any intellectual property (state, federal, or international), which are tortious (i.e., slanderous, libelous, etc.), or which are obscene. Travertise reserves the right to refuse to produce and/or install any advertisement which it feels may violate this or any other standard, law, regulation, ordinance, or statute. Other than that, go to town.

Q: Who is liable for legal issues related to advertisements?

As the advertiser, you are responsible for creating the advertisement. Any intellectual property liability (whether state, federal, or international) is borne exclusively by the advertiser. Any liability arising from the content, composition, and/or failure to abide by local, state, or federal advertising content regulations (including, without limitation, allegations that an advertisement is distracting, offensive, infringing, obscene, slanderous, libelous) is borne exclusively by the advertiser. The advertising agreement must indemnify Travertise for all such liability.

Liability arising from the physical advertisement being exhibited, produced, installed, repaired, or otherwise physically handled shall be borne by Travertise and we will indemnify the advertiser for such liability.

Q: How will you guarantee my ad looks great?

Your ads are our business!  To make sure they look great we:

  1. We start by using the finest, weather appropriate inks, banner materials and printing processes to ensure your ads are crisp, clear and color correct,
  2. Your banners are installed by trusted, experienced and reliable installers who work in super graphic ad units as a part of their core business,
  3. Our drivers are contracted to keep your ad units clean and in proper repair – if they can’t keep them clean you don’t pay for that individual unit,
  4. A Travertise agent inspects each of your ads at least once per month to provide additional assurance that your campaign is looking its best!

Q: Why not just advertise on a bus?

Great question! It’s pretty simple:

1. One of the main benefits of Travertise and truck advertising is to reach customers and get impressions where they’re getting the hardest to get – FREEWAYS and HIGHWAYS. Though buses do occasionally appear on freeways, there are no bus stops on freeways so it’s not practical for buses to spend any significant amount of time there, which means buses are only reaching street-level impressions. That does not help you retrieve the MILLIONS of impressions which are being lost and ignored on freeways, where the only other medium is the ever-dwindling and easily turned off radio ad. Travertise puts you where no one other media can or will – ON the freeway, IN the traffic, where your message can’t be ignored. At the same time, trucks still have to use side streets to make their deliveries so your ad still reaches the pedestrian and street public without the loss of priceless freeway impressions.

2. Unless you pay for the extremely expensive production cost to wrap a bus top to bottom, most bus ads are designed to be eye level to a pedestrian on the street. That means on a freeway, a bus has extremely limited visibility behind and around it. However, the bottom of most delivery trucks of the type Travertise uses is already 4 feet off the ground, and goes up over 8 feet from there, so your ad is always placed higher affording exponentially longer and wider visibility, which means MORE impressions every second your ad is on the road.

3.  When you do wrap a bus all around, the installers have to make a number of cut-outs such as for exhaust vents, maintenance doors, and luggage/carry-on access, which means your ad will have a variety of gaps, cavities, and other distracting imperfections. In addition, the translucent material that must be used to cover the windows so that people inside the bus can still see outside makes your ad harder to see which means it it makes LESS of an impression. However, on a truck, the sky is the limit – we use the highest quality, maximum visibility printing process and materials to ensure your advertisement stays in your customer’s minds all the way to work and back. Also, there is no need for any cut-outs (except for some very thin ones on rear-facing ads), so your ad remains a clear, consistent image with very few, negligible distracting cavities or gaps, which makes your impressions actually count.

4. Bus advertising has become the norm – which means it is easily ignored and subject to “ad blindness.” However, truck advertising is still a new and powerful, but unconventional, medium of advertising, which means your ads will get noticed (and remembered) far more by your customers and clients on the road and on the street.

Q: How much does it cost to Travertise?

See our Advertiser’s pricing information here.