Why not just advertise on a bus?

Great question! It’s pretty simple:

1. One of the main benefits of Travertise and truck advertising is to reach customers and get impressions where they’re getting the hardest to get – FREEWAYS and HIGHWAYS. Though buses do occasionally appear on freeways, there are no bus stops on freeways so it’s not practical for buses to spend any significant amount of time there, which means buses are only reaching street-level impressions. That does not help you retrieve the MILLIONS of impressions which are being lost and ignored on freeways, where the only other medium is the ever-dwindling and easily turned off radio ad. Travertise puts you where no one other media can or will – ON the freeway, IN the traffic, where your message can’t be ignored. At the same time, trucks still have to use side streets to make their deliveries so your ad still reaches the pedestrian and street public without the loss of priceless freeway impressions.

2. Unless you pay for the extremely expensive production cost to wrap a bus top to bottom, most bus ads are designed to be eye level to a pedestrian on the street. That means on a freeway, a bus has extremely limited visibility behind and around it. However, the bottom of most delivery trucks of the type Travertise uses is already 4 feet off the ground, and goes up over 8 feet from there, so your ad is always placed higher affording exponentially longer and wider visibility, which means MORE impressions every second your ad is on the road.

3. ¬†When you do wrap a bus all around, the installers have to make a number of cut-outs such as for exhaust vents, maintenance doors, and luggage/carry-on access, which means your ad will have a variety of gaps, cavities, and other distracting imperfections. In addition, the translucent material that must be used to cover the windows so that people inside the bus can still see outside makes your ad harder to see which means it it makes LESS of an impression. However, on a truck, the sky is the limit – we use the highest quality, maximum visibility printing process and materials to ensure your advertisement stays in your customer’s minds all the way to work and back. Also, there is no need for any cut-outs (except for some very thin ones on rear-facing ads), so your ad remains a clear, consistent image with very few, negligible distracting cavities or gaps, which makes your impressions actually count.

4. Bus advertising has become the norm – which means it is easily ignored and subject to “ad blindness.” However, truck advertising is still a new and powerful, but unconventional, medium of advertising, which means your ads will get noticed (and remembered) far more by your customers and clients on the road and on the street.