What are my responsibilities as an owner?

It’s pretty simple, really:

  1. First and foremost, DRIVE. We ask that you simply drive the routes you represent are driven by your trucks.
  2. We ask that you maintain the advertisement, which means routine washing (once every 1-2 weeks as needed) just to ensure it is clean and visible.
  3. We ask that you advise us within 24 hours of any damage to the ad which is not mended by a simple washing (so that we may correct any damage).
  4. We ask that you advise us immediately (within 6 hours) of any accidents to third parties allegedly occurring as a result of or in connection with ad on any of your trucks.
  5. We ask that you provide us with whatever GPS data you have to track your trucks whereabouts so that we can share that data with our advertisers to make them feel secure that their ad is getting the visibility we promised them.
  6. Finally, we ask that you provide us access to your truck not more than once a month (not counting unscheduled repairs) for 6-8 hours in order to install ads. We will strive to ensure that ad campaigns are as long as possible, thereby decreasing the amount of times you will have to “park” for an installation, but in order to maximize our mutual profitability, we must provide maximum flexibility to our advertiser clients, which includes shorter (1 month minimum) campaign lengths.
  7. Keep the truck in good working order – in order to receive payment your truck must drive a minimum number of daylight hours in approved routes.
  8. Don’t put any other offensive stuff on the truck – our advertisers will be associated with any other materials on your truck and the conduct of your drivers.  Please remove any offensive or conflicting (e.g. no Pepsi stickers on a Coca-Cola advertising truck) materials from your trucks prior to installation.  During installation we reserve the right to remove any non-business or non-regulatory materials from your trucks without compensation or return of the materials.  Additional removal costs may be deducted from your first month’s payment at the discretion of Travertise.
  9. Make sure your drivers conduct themselves professionally – our advertisers are associating with the driving habits and actions of your drivers.  Positive actions create a positive association while negative or unprofessional behavior may jeopardize our relationship with advertisers, diminishing your potential for maximizing your profits and future business relationships.