Your brand deserves to be seen – in fact, it deserves more than that, it deserves to be engaged with, leaving a lasting impression on your market, industry and most importantly customers.

We agree!

In addition, we believe you shouldn’t have to pay outrageous sums to get your brand and products seen, and more importantly engaged, by your customers.  Our mission is to provide you with the most efficient and cost effective campaign visibility, impression-count and engagement in the outdoor advertising space.

We also know every advertiser has different needs – whether you need 5 small trucks for a one-month limited run, or 20 trailer trucks for a six-month or longer extended campaign, Travertise will find the right truck ad option for you and give you the best possible price. Travertise also offers various options for what parts of the truck you want wrapped; whether it’s just the back to fully wrapped semi-trailers, Travertise works with you to get you the best and most engaging exposure within your budget.

One of the best things about Travertise is that pricing is based and calculated solely on impressions earned from only 6 hours of driving time 5 days a week – the remainder of the total impressions you get while our trucks are on the road (at night, on weekends, and the time over 6 hours daily) are essentially FREE TO YOU.

Travertise also partners with the highest-caliber professional locally based printers and installers to ensure your advertisements are clear, crisp, and colorful, all at amazing rates which Travertise gets through its large-volume service agreements – savings that we pass on to YOU.

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