At Travertise we create price-conscious, vital new outdoor advertising opportunities for businesses and revenue possibilities for fleet owners through truck advertising. If you aren’t already Travertising you are missing out on new customers and revenue for your business.

Why You Should Already Be With Travertise

We’re not here to tell you that advertising is the life-blood of your business or how critical outdoor is to your advertising campaign; you already know that. Travertise is here to show you how you can spend 50-75% LESS on your outdoor campaigns and generate even more impressions than you’re already paying for, while bridging huge gaps in your customer exposure and attacking obstacles limiting your ad effectiveness such as “ad blindness,” visibility restrictions, decreased supply, and moratoria. The question isn’t just “Why Travertise?” The question is: “Why aren’t we already Travertising?” Learn more

How We Create Revenue for Our Drivers

Travertise places advertisements on the currently-empty canvases found on the backs, sides, and fronts of YOUR trucks which are already traveling their routes through cities and highways. For every advertisement placed on YOUR truck, you get paid a monthly fee – for doing nothing but what you’re already doing! All we need is limited access to your truck or trucks no more than once a month (at a mutually convenient time and place) and Travertise does the rest – with no out of pocket expense to you! It’s that easy – and that lucrative. Learn more

Is It Legal?

You bet! While cities like Los Angeles and states like California are increasing regulations on stationary advertising such as building banners and billboards (especially near the impression-rich freeways which criss-cross cities and states nationwide), truck ads have no such restrictions. Similarly, because all Travertise truck ads are placed on trucks attached to tractors with functioning engines, the recent smattering of “side of the road” or “mobile trailer” advertising restrictions are equally inapplicable. Government regulations will likely never attack truck advertising or other similar mobile messaging, not only because of the great difficulty in enforcing such laws, but also because the government itself profits from it – in the form of bus advertising. Hence, Travertise truck ads are a perfect, cost-efficient, and legal way to generate hard-to-reach impressions at a fraction of the cost of traditional billboard and stationary advertising.