Minimum Campaign Lengths

We can accommodate campaign lengths of as little as one month. However, the longer you sign up for, the better your price and options!


Production costs are generally run approximately $5,000 for a full track wrap and are the responsibility of the advertiser. However, ads are guaranteed to stay professional looking and clean throughout the term of the campaign and installation is included in the production price.

Route Tracking (subject to availability)

We provide GPS tracking information for trucks carrying your ads so you can monitor the distances your ad is traveling.

Truck Size and Side Options

Customizing your ad is our priority. We offer a variety of truck sizes ranging from 24’ to 53’ long. You can also choose whether to advertise on half/part of one side, one full side, both sides, or both sides and back of any truck size (subject to availability). We’re here to make your campaign work for you.

Routine Maintenance

Travertise and its trucking partners ensure that your ads are cleaned routinely. In addition, as opposed to traditional billboards (which are left unattended at night and easily defaced), trucks are valuable property and its owners take care to protect them from vandalism, thereby protecting your ad at the same time!