We help advertisers find new ways to connect to their audiences by turning the unused space on your trucks or trailers into a mobile billboard that can be seen as your trucks drive their normal routes and deliveries. Fuel, labor, insurance, maintenance – none of these costs are going down any time soon. Why not offset your overhead by doing nothing more than what you’re already doing? Let us do the hard work – we’ll find the advertisers, we’ll print the ads, and we’ll install them on your truck. Give us limited access no more than once a month for a few hours during regular downtime and then do what you do best – DRIVE.

Cash in your pocket every month

Travertise offers an amazing cash-flow opportunity for virtually no effort on your part. We’ll do all the work – and then give you HALF the money!

Ad Control

At Travertise, we’re sensitive to the needs of owners and drivers. Not everyone wants to advertise every product. As an owner, you are able to opt out of any category of ads which you don’t feel comfortable (or just don’t want) on your trucks. Just tell us your preferences when you sign up, no questions asked. You can always change your mind between campaigns at your convenience. A true no pressure situation.

Reliable income

Unlike with other revenue sharing programs, we want you paid promptly! Otherwise, why sign up? Our policy is to get you paid within 30 days of our receiving payment from our advertiser clients after your monthly check-in.