At Travertise we take great care to provide a lucrative opportunity for our drivers in a fair, balanced and equitable manner.  The following are some excerpts from our general terms of service for truck owners that address the most common questions we receive.  For our full terms of service for truck owners, please contact a Travertise representative.


In order to provide our advertiser clients with the highest quality printing and installation, we work with companies that take the time to do it right the first time. Accordingly, we ask that our truck owners give us a window of 6-8 hours per truck for a full wrap for installation. However, because our campaigns are always one month minimum, you’ll never have to give us access more than once a month, and usually less than that.


Our policy is to get you paid within 30 days of our receiving payment from our advertiser clients after your monthly check-in.

GPS Tracking

If we can’t tell the advertisers where you were, where you’re going, and how you got there, they’re probably not going to buy ads. At our expense, Travertise will install non-intrusive, removable GPS tracking devices which we will use to provide location and drive-time information to advertisers which makes them feel secure in the value you and Travertise are providing.

General Care

Advertisers are as worried about the cleanliness of their ads as you are about the safety of your truck. Travertise truck owner affiliates are asked to maintain their trucks (including cleaning/washing) on a routine basis depending on the size and route.


In short: we got your back. Travertise provides its truck owner affiliates with with valuable indemnity for liability related to the installation and display of ads on their trucks.*

Damage to ads

At Travertise, we understand that sometimes life happens. When ads are damaged due to no fault of our truck owners or drivers, Travertise replaces the ad at its own cost. Just call us up and we’ll work together to get you back on the road and earning money.

Minimum Daylight Drive Time

Unfortunately, our roads and highways are not as fully equipped with lighting as we’d like them to be, and our advertiser clients know it. In order to maximize everybody’s goals and profit, we ask our truck owner affiliates to ensure every ad-carrying truck travels at least six (6) daylights hour per operational day, five (5) days a week.


* Certain restrictions apply, and Travertise does not insure or indemnify truck owners or drivers for liability related to negligence or intentional acts. Please contact a Travertise representative for more details regarding our indemnity program.