Q: How do I get paid?

1-2 times a month you will submit a time stamped picture of all ad units on your truck as well as your trucks odometer (where applicable). We will review your GPS tracking data to verify that you have driven the correct minimum distance and that your ads are in good working order.  Once you pass inspection we will issue you a check within 2-4 weeks of our receiving payment from the advertiser – it’s that simple!

Q: What are my responsibilities as an owner?

It’s pretty simple, really:

  1. First and foremost, DRIVE. We ask that you simply drive the routes you represent are driven by your trucks.
  2. We ask that you maintain the advertisement, which means routine washing (once every 1-2 weeks as needed) just to ensure it is clean and visible.
  3. We ask that you advise us within 24 hours of any damage to the ad which is not mended by a simple washing (so that we may correct any damage).
  4. We ask that you advise us immediately (within 6 hours) of any accidents to third parties allegedly occurring as a result of or in connection with ad on any of your trucks.
  5. We ask that you provide us with whatever GPS data you have to track your trucks whereabouts so that we can share that data with our advertisers to make them feel secure that their ad is getting the visibility we promised them.
  6. Finally, we ask that you provide us access to your truck not more than once a month (not counting unscheduled repairs) for 6-8 hours in order to install ads. We will strive to ensure that ad campaigns are as long as possible, thereby decreasing the amount of times you will have to “park” for an installation, but in order to maximize our mutual profitability, we must provide maximum flexibility to our advertiser clients, which includes shorter (1 month minimum) campaign lengths.
  7. Keep the truck in good working order – in order to receive payment your truck must drive a minimum number of daylight hours in approved routes.
  8. Don’t put any other offensive stuff on the truck – our advertisers will be associated with any other materials on your truck and the conduct of your drivers.  Please remove any offensive or conflicting (e.g. no Pepsi stickers on a Coca-Cola advertising truck) materials from your trucks prior to installation.  During installation we reserve the right to remove any non-business or non-regulatory materials from your trucks without compensation or return of the materials.  Additional removal costs may be deducted from your first month’s payment at the discretion of Travertise.
  9. Make sure your drivers conduct themselves professionally – our advertisers are associating with the driving habits and actions of your drivers.  Positive actions create a positive association while negative or unprofessional behavior may jeopardize our relationship with advertisers, diminishing your potential for maximizing your profits and future business relationships.

Q: What are my responsibilities as a driver?

We want to make your life simple and so we keep your responsibilities simple as well:

  1. Keep your ad clean – regular washing is encouraged;
  2. Keep your ad safe – park your truck in a safe, secure location to avoid natural or human damage to your ad units;
  3. Drive the required minimum monthly distance during the required driving times;
  4. Have your ads inspected at least once per month by a Travertise professional.

Q: What happens if an ad is damaged?

So long as the damage is not of your doing as the driver/owner, simply call us and we’ll repair or replace the ad at our expense.

Q: What happens if I damage an ad?

If you accidentally or intentionally damage an ad (i.e., if a truck carrying an ad gets into a car accident or a driver defaces or vandalizes an ad), you will be responsible for replacing the ad and any lost revenue during the time that the ad is not in operation.

Q: What happens if my ad causes an accident or other property/personal damage?

So long as you or your driver are not the sole or partial cause of the damage, our agreement with you provides indemnity to cover any such alleged liability.

Q: How do I report a problem with an ad?

It’s simple: just give us a call.

Q: How do I control what kinds of ads go on my truck(s)?

We never want you to feel uncomfortable with any content going on your trucks. We have a standard “opt-out” exhibit to each agreement allowing you to opt out of receiving any category of ad which you don’t feel comfortable carrying (i.e., political, religious, sexual, hygenic, etc.) Should you desire to add other categories to your list of unapproved ads, we can be amenable to doing so when notified in advance. If you ever want to change your mind and “opt in” to any category, great! You can do that at anytime.

The only caveat is: if you reject an ad which is assigned to you which is in a group which you did not “opt out” of, that may be grounds for cancellation of our agreement with you.

Q: Who pays for the production/installation/removal of the ads?

We do, with the exception of situations in which you are responsible for damage to the ad (see above for more details).

Q: How long does it take to install/remove an ad?

It depends on the size of the truck and how much of the truck is being covered (i.e., one side, both sides, or both sides and the back), but a “fully wrapped” truck (both sides and a back) on a 52-53’ trailer takes approximately 6-8 hours to install.

Q: Where do the trucks have to be to have ads installed on them?

Trucks must be somewhere in the Los Angeles County area for installation at locations to be mutually approved on a case-by-case basis.

Q: How do I cancel a contract?

Simply write us and tell us you want to cancel. As to trucks not carrying an ad, cancellations are effective on the first day of the subsequent billing cycle following the billing cycle in which you cancel. However, you may not cancel our agreement as to any truck currently carrying any ad until that date which is thirty (30) days before the end of any ad’s campaign (i.e., if one of your ad’s campaigns ends on March 31, another on April 30, and another on May 31 all on the same truck, you may not cancel the agreement as to that truck before April 30).

Q: What happens if I sell/lease my truck?

You are responsible for maintaining possession and control of your truck with an ad unit installed on it through the end of a given campaign.  If you must take a truck out of service or transfer ownership you must:

  1. Notify us immediately of any intention or need to take a truck out of service;
  2. Transfer the delivery contract in its entirety to the new owner;
  3. Reimburse Travertise (typically as a reduction from your final payment) for any costs or losses incurred as a result of taking the truck out of service.

Q: What am I liable for?

You are liable for damage caused by direct action or negligence by yourself, your company, your employees and any agents associated with you for any damage (physical or other) to the ad units, the brands they represent or Travertise (including its partners, affiliate, owners, employees and or agents).

Q: Can I communicate directly with the advertisers?

No – if you have a suggestion or concerns please contact your Travertise agent directly and they will work with you to make sure your feedback is received.

Q: Can I place ads from anyone other than Travertise on my truck(s)?

No – you may not place any other paid advertisements or conflicting personal items in visible locations that could be associated with the ad units installed on your truck.

Q: What am I not allowed to have on a truck carrying ads?

Anything that conflicts, contradicts, mocks or impugns the ads placed on your truck, the brands they represent or Travertise, its partners, employees or affiliates.

Q: What are my advertisement maintenance responsibilities?

You are responsible for maintaining the well-being of the advertisements installed on your vehicle(s).  To do this we recommend a minimum of the following:

  1. Daily inspections of your ad units;
  2. Bi-weekly washing of your vehicle(s) and ad units;
  3. Immediate reporting and photo-documenting of any problems, vandalism, defects incurred by any of the installed ad units.