Why Travertise? Why WOULDN’T you Travertise?

You’re already advertising outdoors, buying billboards, putting up bus ads. You’re already spending money because you know outdoor is a vital part of your campaign that gets you exposure that TV, Web, Print, and Radio just can’t. But why you are paying so much for it? And why you are losing so many impressions on freeways and highways? Did you even KNOW you were losing millions of impressions per day? Well, you can worry – or you can call us. Hardly seems like a choice at all, given the amazing benefits Travertise offers:

Get Your Brand Seen for a Fraction of the Cost of Other Outdoor Advertising

We don’t have to tell you that billboard advertising is extremely expensive. Bulletin billboards in large markets can be up to $25,000 per month!  Media companies charge this because they have a monopoly on large-scale, memorable and impactful outdoor impressions.

We are here to break that monopoly!

Travertise truck ads are essentially “billboards on wheels.”  A fully wrapped 53’ foot truck offers you more ad exposure for 50-75% of the cost of a traditional bulletin billboard.  Since our trucks travel the same highways and roads where you find the biggest billboards, the impression count is comparable, and even greater when you consider the avoidance of ad-blindness.

Why pay more when you don’t have to?  Contact Travertise today!

Get the Impressions the Government Is Trying to Take Away!

Consistently and vigorously, local communities, cities, and states are trying to limit the expansion and availability of outdoor advertising. Supergraphics, mobile advertising, trailer ads, and even new billboards have been strictly limited (and sometimes wholesale banned) in various jurisdictions.

The time your customers spend in their cars, walking or biking around the city is a priceless time to share your company.

At Travertise – we bring you right to the drivers, pedestrians, and bikers outside by putting your ads on the sides and backs (and sometimes even fronts!) of trucks which are already traveling, side by side, with your customers on a daily basis.

The government is very unlikely to ever attack truckside advertising for a very simple reason – that they’re in on it, too!  Bus advertising has been a lucrative source of income for local jurisdictions for years and is unlikely to ever go away.  However, bus advertising is not as efficient at getting your product on the congested and impression-rich freeways and highways where trucks spend a majority of their drive-time.  In addition, buses don’t provide the same height and visibility as truck ads or offer the same the creative options as Travertising.

Get Unique Impressions

Remember the product being advertised on the billboard that’s on the corner of the street nearest your house?  Neither do we.  Truck ads help you beat the costly effect of “ad-blindness” common with stationary billboards by providing you unique impressions (as a truck is highly unlikely to pass the exact same drivers and pedestrians every day, even on the same route).