What do you need from me to get started?

Getting started:

To get your ad up and running we need the following prior to the campaign start date:

15 business days prior:  Initial campaign payment including production, installation & removal costs + first & last month’s campaign rental.  This amount is non-refundable subject to the Travertise terms of service.

10 business days prior:  Final, approved creative assets that are in compliance with our creative guidelines (click here to download the pdf).

Rush orders can be accommodated in certain circumstances, subject to Travertise written authorization, for an additional fee.  Please contact your Travertise representative for more information.

During an active campaign:

Travertise must receive your payment for the subsequent month’s campaign cycle prior to the end of the current month’s campaign cycle.

Standard payment terms are due at least 15 business days prior to the end of the current billing cycle.  Payment received less than 15 business days, but more than 5 business days prior to the end of the current cycle will incur a late payment fee of 0.5% of the balance due.

If payment is not made prior to 5 business days before the end of the current cycle, the campaign will be deemed cancelled and enter its final month cycle run at the end of the current cycle.  At this point vehicles will be scheduled for content removal after completion of the final month.  A campaign may be reinstated during this period, but prior to removal of ad units, for a fee in addition to the late fee.

Once removal has started, the campaign must be re-booked including all production, installation and removal costs for new / replacement ad units will be borne by the advertiser.

Ending a campaign:

Campaigns can be ended by:

  1. Completing their scheduled run
  2. Early termination (see our cancellation policy)
  3. Non-payment

In most scenarios you do not need to do or pay anything.  Exceptions to this are as follows:

  1. Cancellation or non-payment on discounted campaigns – you will be require to repay the discounted amount for the campaign cycles incurred.
  2. Rush removal requests – you will be required to pay an additional rush removal fee calculated on a per truck basis.

Difference between cancellation and non-payment termination:

Cancellation occurs when you give us notice, in a timely manner (see cancellation policy), of your intent to not continue a campaign.  An occasional campaign cancellation will not affect the status of your account.

Non-payment occurs when you do not pay per the terms of your Travertising agreement.  This will result in a review of your account and may place your account on suspension for a time to be determined by Travertise before your next campaign can be run.