Large Panel Trailer

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Our most striking and eye-popping option, advertising using our 45′-53′ large panel trucks demands the attention of every driver and passenger within sight of your ad. The extended length of our large panel trucks gives you creative and visual options unavailable in any other media, while the height of these trailers places your ads in a perfect position for viewing both the sides and rear from several rows behind and almost all lanes over, thereby maximizing impression counts every second the truck is in motion. More than just a billboard on wheels, our large panel trailers are the best example of GOING BEYOND THE BILLBOARD.


Ad Type Price per month, including installation (3 month minimum)*
Rear Door $1,100
Single Side/Split Panel $3,400
Full (sides and rear) $4,200
Super Full (sides, rear, and cab) $5,400 (does not include installation; call for details and availability)


* Prices include installation are per month for a minimum 3-month campaign. Please call or email for term and production pricing for shorter campaigns.